Two 25-story towers are constructed for residential purposes based on the newest engineering and designing methods to design apartment spaces with the most desirable materials.

Two towers comprised of 292 residential suites and 5 very luxury, beautiful and attractive penthouses.

Suite area varies between 80 to 180 square meters offering the most beautiful and various natural landscapes in northern Iran in addition to all accommodation facilities.

The unique design of 4 penthouses with 870 square meters area including the most exceptional penthouse in Iran with 1700 square meters area being designed in the most beautiful possible method and according to the newest architecture science of the world, are what have shaped Ghoo Residential Complex as one of the best residential and tourism complexes in the Middle East.

A very luxury and beautiful lobby is designed in Ghoo Residential Complex with 604 square meters area decorated by the most desirable Italian stones to create a pleasant environment for receiving residents

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