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Type and Qualify of Materials

Here, a brief explanation about building and decorative materials used in different parts of project is necessary:

Desirable decorative stones imported from Brazil and Italy in the highest quality is used to construct and decorate lobbies of hotel and residential and commercial complexes.

All internal equipments of residential suits such as electrical switches, door handles, valves, doors etc. are the best, highest quality and newest European products.

Façade is covered by glass and composite sheets (Alcoband). Parking bed is coated by epoxy, parking walls are coated by stone, stairs floor and walls are coated by granite stone, and lavatories of made by ToTo Co. of Japan, windows enjoy aluminum-made frame with reflective double glazing glass and central sewage treatment system is French-made (AZNEX Co.).  

16 December 2014 visit 10157 print
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