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Almas 5-Star Deluxe International Hotel

Almas 5-star deluxe international hotel is under design and construction in 35 stories containing a total of 240 so beautiful and luxurious suites with full recreational equipments.

This collection along with business branding section will be constructed on a 72 thousand square meters land including 14 excellent royal suites, 8 VVIP suits, 8 restaurants, festival and conference halls, great conferences and celebrations, department stores, art gallery, library, computer specific site, and service and welfare spaces with a lobby designed in a modern and eye-catching model.

With about 24 thousand square km area, Mazandaran Province is among top tourism centers and rare areas in northern Iran because of its shoreline and coastal plains of Caspian Sea, dense forest cover and climate variability.

Historical background of Mazandaran Province dates back to the time of writing Bistoon inscription suggesting ancient and permanent civilization of people and tribes across the territory of Iran.

Tonkabon or Shahsavar in western Mazandaran green province is one of the attractive regions enjoying a very nice climate in addition to its pristine and beautiful landscapes.

Regarding all these qualifications, Ghoo, The Middle East Diamond Complex is under construction on Salmanshahr coasts (Motel Ghoo) as the most famous and oldest recreational region in Northern Iran between Namakabroud tourism complex and Tonkabon. 

16 December 2014 visit 16977 print
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