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Lighting system of the interior spaces of the residential and trading towers and that of the hotel has been fulfilled by SSF Company of France.

The entire ceiling of the said trading center is made of LEDs of RGB type, Transparent. This lighting system has been conducted in Iran for the first time.

The lighting system of the outer view of the said center has been provided by using projectors 3 that are able to make amazing and nice 3D images on the exterior area of the outer view of the building. Moreover, laser establishment on the top roof of the building caused that the said complex could be exposed at 50 km.



A total of 29 panorama elevators are installed in different points of complex:

-          4 elevators in residential complex two of which have golden cabin,

-          12 elevators in commercial complex,

-          3 elevators in sports complex,

-          16 elevators in 5-star deluxe international hotel,

-          8 extra elevators to facilitate the movement of passengers and guests two of which have golden cabin,

-          4 elevators to carry foods,

-          2 elevators for services and 2 elevators for swimming pool.


·        All residential and commercial stores may be equipped and operationalized with BMS Building Intelligent Management System according to buyers,

·        All residential suites are equipped with VRV intelligent air conditioning system made by Diakin Company (Japan and Belgium),

·        All commercial stores are equipped with fan coil and air conditioning systems made by McCoy Company of Italy,

·        Each store has a separate heating and cooling system and enjoys channel split.  

·        Intelligent fire alarm and fire fighting system (dry and wet fire fighting) in all residential, commercial, sports, hotel and parking sections.

·        8 series of escalators for Negin Pooria Commercial Complex, installed in the most convenient and stylish space.

·        Uninterruptible power system, capable of servicing in all residential, commercial, hotel, sports and parking sections.

·        Private internet.

·        Central antenna to cover all radio and TV programs.

·        CCTV cameras to increase security factor in all parts of residential and commercial sections.

·        Unique and exclusive recreative quay on the coast of Caspian Sea, prepared with the most advanced water sports and water ethical recreation equipments.

·        Clinic and health centers in Almas 5-star deluxe international hotel.

·        Runway for landing helicopters, installed on the top of hotel and residential towers.

·        Full-furniture kitchen in residential suites under Bosch and Miller Trademarks.

·        Italian and Brazilian stone and ceramic floorings.

·        REMER Italian-made valves.

·        AVE Austrian-made cabinets.

·        ASH Canadian-made wood structures and dressers made of the best anti-bacterial and anti-deformation materials.

·        Fireplaces in different British stone designs.

·        The material of Hotel is entirely Italian and French according to European standards.

·        Mechanized parking in 12 stories.

·        Helicopter runway and rotating restaurant.

·        Triple glazing glass insulated against heat and sound.

·        Equipment of all commercial stores with separate electricity meter is one of the innovations of Ghoo, The Middle East Diamond Complex.

Fun Fair, Water Park, tennis and mini-golf lands, walking road, private beach, Jet Ski and boat, outdoor amphitheater hall and a variety of refreshing water sports are recreational facilities of Ghoo, The Middle East Diamond Complex.

A luxury hotel in the style of French and Italian architecture, restaurant, coffee-shop, conference hall and reception hall are some of accommodation facilities and equipments of Ghoo, The Middle East Diamond Complex, all of which together have made the Complex a brilliant jewel in the Middle East. 

16 December 2014 visit 12807 print
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