The commercial complex with 486 stores in different sizes designed and manufactured in three stories with an entrance separated from residential sector are ready for delivery as followings:

Ground Floor

The entire ground floor has 6074 square meters area, 1725 m2 of which is allocated to brand markets, 890 m2 is for 19 fast-food stores and 5450 m2 is joint space and terrace for catering the guests.

The first floor is designed in 6720 m2 area, 1762 m2 of which is allocated to brand markets.

The second floor has 4114 m2 area. It is intended to establish a Hyper Market in 2120 m2 area. Joint area of ground commercial section is 3188 m2, of the first floor is 2972 m2 and for the second floor is 3378 m2, totally over 9538 m2 area. 


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