31 August 2015 print
Top carpet award

Top carpet award

Top carpet award

The handmade carpet (Gharabaghi design) which is ordered by Azim zadeh carpet house has received

top carpet award in the 24th Iran hand-made carpet exhibition.

The mention carpet which has over than 100 row is selected between 183 carpets by Iran national

carpet center, the promotion organization of Iran and  Iran carpet exporters.

Ahad azimzadeh dedicated his gifts and also 10 gold coin to orphanage.

Gharabaghi carpet weaved by four person during seven years, Azimzadeh said.

Azimzadeh carpet is top of the Persian hand-made carpet exporters for four years.

This brand register in   Geneva. Azimzadeh carpet house exports the hand-made carpets to more than

57 countries.

In extended Azimzadeh said: only hand-made carpet embellish the house and also can use it as wealth.

As azimzadeh told: Azimzadeh carpet house has the most valuable carpet (280 row in 10 cm2) in whole

world. This 6meter carpet has weaved during 14 years and value of it is six million dollar.

31 August 2015 print
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